Daniel  Lai
Daniel Lai

Memoirs of Bokhara

On the night of October 8th 1892, the S.S. Bokhara set sail from Shanghai on its way to Hong Kong. It was struck by a typhoon on the second day, unable to escape its wrath as the boilers became unusable. The hammering of the seas went on day and night until a heavy crash sent the S.S. Bokhara down to the bottom of the ocean within minutes. Dr. James Lowson, a doctor formerly in the Hong Kong Civil Services, was one of the 23 survivors who was on the S.S. Bokhara and recalled in his memoir, “The Curious Sensation of Drowning”, the exact moments before the steamship sank. Dr. Lowson, along with 22 survivors from the wreck, managed to make it ashore on the Sand Islands, Pescadores. They were met by local fishermen who looked after the survivors until they eventually boarded the H.M.S. Porpoise heading to Hong Kong, where a ceremony was later held on the same ship to commemorate the rescue and hospitality from the native fishermen and “The Mandarin”. The documentary aims to tell the story of endless emotions from fear to acceptance and, ultimately, rejoice. Memoirs of Bokhara shares the encounter of strangers from two different worlds, the rich and the poor who in the end, fulfilled their duties in the rescue and saw the other as equal man.

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