Batoul  Karbijha
Batoul Karbijha


The film follows Batoul as she sets out on a journey to find her missing sister. Maysoon was only 20 when she went missing in the Mediterranean Sea after fleeing from Syria on a boat with her father and brother. The boat set sail on August 24th, 2014 with 500 people, but only 300 survived. Maysoon's body was never found, leaving her family with a sense of doubt, sadness, and hope.
Years later and Batoul is still trying to find her sister, connecting everything she’s gathered from the police, Italian navy, Red Cross and survivors. But whether she finds answers or not, this film is a message from the families of refugees, whose lost loved ones will be remembered by their names, not by the numbers reported in the news, and who will have to carry the guilt of letting them go for the rest of their lives.

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