Mayday Georgia!

Ivlita lives for Victory Day. When the 95-year-old veteran attends WW2 commemorations on 9th May, she and her devoted spinster daughter are transported from their unhappy, meager existence on society’s edge. But Victory Day is no longer Ivlita’s refuge of dignity. It has become an idealists’ raucous battleground over history, between George, whose neo-Nazi sympathies may land him in jail, and Ana, a pro-Western activist who suspects a Kremlin conspiracy. Mayday Georgia! follows their disparate journeys to where they collide on Victory Day. How did this once-hallowed event become so contested? Exploring a very Soviet legacy, this film is a parable for the wider world: where communities have polarised, the far right is resurgent, and liberal values are under siege.

Team Partner
Rayhan Demytrie
Producer / Production Details
Vision Fabrika
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2018