Franz Schmelzer
Franz Schmelzer

Maximilian of Mexico - Dreams of Power

Since childhood, Archduke Maximilian, brother of Emperor Franz Josef I., wished for nothing but emerging from his sibling's shadow. His dream finally comes true when he becomes the Emperor of Mexico.

However, the dream unexpectedly becomes a nightmare: Maximilian believes he is welcomed in Mexico, but the opposite is the case. He is eventually captured by his adversary, Benito Juarez, and sentenced to death. Maximilian's dreams of becoming a glorious ruler die with him.

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Team Partner
Ilona Grundmann, producer
Producer / Production Details
Ilona Grundmann Film in co-production with Interspot Film for ORF, ZDF, ARTE, VRT, TV Unam
Supported by Austrian Television Fund, Vienna Film Fund, Creative Europe, MEDIA, bm:ukk

Top Awards/Festivals
Broadcast on ARTE (21 February, 2015)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2003