Linn Sackarnd
Linn Sackarnd
Director, Producer

And Man invented the Cow

Our cows once had a wild ancestor, roaming free and untamed across the land: the aurochs. With the help of modern science, some pioneers want to bring these ancient wild cows back to life. This film sets out on a quest to find our cattle’s forgotten wild past – and its eventual return. The aurochs’ epic story mirrors the human rise from hunter-gatherers to the planet’s ruling species, and how we transformed nature beyond recognition. Can we restore the wilderness we have lost? If we de-extinct the aurochs: what kind of animal will we have created, and why? The film starts as a tale from our stone age past, when we had not yet invented domestic cows. It ends in futuristic genetic laboratories. Are we about to re-invent evolution? What doors do we open? By the end of this journey, you will never look at cows the same way again.

Team Partner
Florian Karpf
Producer / Production Details
Labo M GmbH
Training Programme
Masterschool 2018