Tonislav Hristov
Tonislav Hristov

Love and Engineering

Love & Engineering follows four engineers - from different countries but all living in Finland and working for big companies, like Nokia and Ericson. They are participating in a course mentored by Atanas (34), a Bulgarian mathematician, who is – based on his own experiences – trying to structure a (pseudo) scientific formula for love and dating.

The students go on dates – which the film follows – and return to Atanas who tells them what went wrong, why they succeeded or how they should alter their behavior in future. Based on this experiment, Atanas is trying to formulate his theory and make an application for mobile devices, so that every person in the world can learn how to find love.

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Team Partner
Kaarle Aho, producer
Producer / Production Details
Making Movies in co-production with Filmtank and Agitprop for ZDF/ARTE, YLE, Bulgarian National Television, VPRO
Top Awards/Festivals
ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize at Power to the Pixel (2011)
Audience Award at DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (2014)

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Tribeca Film Festival
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Visions du Réel
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Masterschool 2011