Jin-oh  Bok
Jin-oh Bok

Logbook - A Diary from the Sea

Genre: Human Interest
Duration: 90 | 52 min, HDTV & Cinema

Hwang Byeong-ju is radioing towards the sea. A salvage in silence suddenly gets busy. The next diver, Kang You-seong who is the team’s ace begins to warm up. Han Jae-myeong quickly puts his diving suit on. Soon after, Baek In-tak places a full-face mask on his head. Kang jumps into sea, breaking the long silence. Hwang, Kang, Han and Baek met each other for the first time to search for victims in the 2014 Sewol ferry sinking which was the most tragic peace-time disaster in South Korea. They spent 70days to bring up the 293 bodies, eating and sleeping in the salvage. During the operation, two divers died by accident and two more divers committed suicide, suffering from severe mental trauma. Most of them quit their job as divers. In March 2017, as the ferry finally reveals its face after 1.073 days of being underwater, the operation is fully completed. The divers stand before a camera and say, “How can I deal with this memory?”

Team Partner
Sona Jo, Producer
Korea, South
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2017