Vivian Schröder
Vivian Schröder

Live Simply

In the wilderness, ecology in action can be seen in a naked and overwhelming way. Many people have ecstatic experiences in the wild and come away changed. Wilderness can inspire us to live from nature´s bounty without destroying it.

The film is an overwhelming adventure, outlining the greatest dilemma of our time, seen from the perspective of a young athlete, embarking on the trip of his life. Fed-up with his pampered life and the contradictions with which he is surrounded, he takes off to face the extreme, to challenge himself and his point of view. Inspired by the dramatic structure of Hermann Hesse's Siddharta, Jonas Jägermeyr takes us on a journey from the city to the most picturesque places on earth. He confronts himself with people who have chosen to live a sustainable living. Jonas combines his professional scientific point of view with a lifestyle and attitude, which attracts the young audience.

Will Jonas be radically changed? What will he bring back from his trip?

Team Partner
Nils Bökamp, director
Producer / Production Details
Boekamp & Kriegsheim
Training Programme
Masterschool 2014