Level 24

Chris Bauer & Eddie Chew are 2 crazy guys with a crazy dream. Chris, from Luxembourg and Eddie from Malaysia did more than just open their first restaurant over 10 years ago - they refined and defined Kuala Lumpur’s taste buds and gastronomic identity. Hungry for a bigger challenge, they have embarked on a more ambitious project- to open the largest free-standing restaurant in Southeast Asia. Located on the 24th level of a stylish new skyscraper, Chris and Eddie’s Troika Sky Dining will include 3 eateries, 3 bars and a music venue. We will follow them from August 2012 when construction began, through the ups and downs of setting up their restaurant. The 3 x 30mins series will also take us into their homes and daily routine of life in the urban metropolis of KL. Regarded as uncompromisin icon-makers and trendsetters, all eyes will be on Chris & Eddie. Join us as we follow this incredible journey where East meets West in downtown KL – and expect lots of fireworks along the way.

Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2013