Legs Not Required

An inspiring documentary film about attempting the seemingly impossible – the world’s toughest endurance race that deliberately pits the able-bodied with the disabled. Fung-liang Foo, Ezzy Wang and Michael Ngu are competing in the Half-Ironman relay race for their own reasons, but their actions have far-reaching consequences within Singapore’s disabled and able-bodied communities. But with the race still undecided in Singapore, the athletes must not only fight for their right to race with the able-bodied, but to continue their rigorous training under the watchful eyes of the able-bodied cycling community, and with the help of modern science, may just get their point across: legs are not required; just finishing is.

Producer / Production Details
HonYuen Leong / Factual TV Sdn. Bhd. / Malaysia
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2012