Kiharu Nakamura - Secrets of a Geisha

Based on the best-selling autobiography of Kiharu Nakamura, we experience the true story of Japan's most famous Geisha. Educated by her grandfather as a Geisha, she was not only raised in Japanese tradition but also in Western lifestyle. She knew she would also entertain Western clients and learned how to play chess and prepare coffee. William Randolph Hearst and Charlie Chaplin came to see the beautiful geisha.

Times changed for Kiharu when the Second World War began. She was forced by the military police to write down the conversations she had with her Western clients. She became a spy. Kiharu was aware that whatever she tells about her clients would decide their fate.

To escape the dilemma she married one of her clients, a Japanese diplomat who was sent to India. Her husband dismisses her when he finds out that Kiharu supports Indian freedom fighters. Kiharu has to leave her son behind and flees to New York where she now teaches young girls her secrets as a Geisha.

Team Partner
Michael von Wolkenstein, producer
Producer / Production Details
Satel TV and Film
Training Programme
Masterschool 2001