Felix van Es
Felix van Es

Kidnapped by Kim

In Kidnapped by Kim, journalist Sander Roks is on a quest for answers about the alleged kidnapping of four young Lebanese women who thought they left their country for a well-paid job in Japan in 1978, but instead ended up in a North Korean spy camp. Sander tries to find these women who never shared their story with the world. At the same time, with the help of politicians, defected North Korean agents, eyewitnesses and other experts, he follows the breadcrumbs from the moment two Asian men recruited the women at their college in Beirut, to their bizarre escape a year later. After 40 years, Sander finds out what happened, but will he find the women too? And will they talk to him? A story that sounds like an urban legend may in fact be a huge personal drama, and worse: a humanitarian scandal that North Korea has tried to hide.

Team Partner
Sander Roks
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Vice media Amsterdam
Training Programme
Masterschool 2018