Zoltan Török
Zoltan Török

Jungle Soccer

A magic event happens every year in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. Over 800 football teams with over 800 beauty queens from all over Amazonia participate in the world's largest soccer tournament. It is called "The Peladao" and it is much bigger than the World Cup.

Every team must have a Beauty Queen; without her the team cannot enter the competition. If a beauty queen is among the finalists, her team, even if it has already been knocked out, is allowed back into the tournament.

This cheerful film follows the struggle of several characters, both players and mascots, through their adventures in the Peladao in the hope of changing their lives forever – or at least for some months. They take part for different reasons: to win fame, money or love… or simply just for fun.

Team Partner
Bo Landin, producer
Producer / Production Details
Scandinature Films
Training Programme
Masterschool 2003