Italy, Love It or Leave It

Luca and Gustav are a couple of Italians in their 30s who have witnessed a recent exodus of their friends to Berlin, Barcelona, New Zealand. Creative young people have been leaving in droves, frustrated by the politics, the lack of good jobs, the high cost of living and what seems like reactionary thinking. Gustav thinks of doing the same but Luca wants him to stay. But why should they stay after all? To find out, they start a trip through their country in an old FIAT 500.

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Producer / Production Details
Hi Q in co-production with NDR, ARTE, WDR and RAI 3
Supported by MEDIA
Top Awards/Festivals
Best Feature Film Award at Milan Film Festival (2011)
Audience Award at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (2012)

DocPoint Helsinki
Göteborg Film Festival
Rio Film Festival

Broadcast on ARTE (27 November, 2011)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2010