Is There A Man At The Door?

Girls in the Arab world are raised to wait for the man who will knock at the door to ask for their hand in marriage. The prince of the heart, the unknown but undoubtedly rich, young and gentle man: every girl’s dream, even in Morocco! My grandmother and mother didn’t choose their husbands; their future husbands came with their relatives knocking at their future wives parent’s front door to ask for their hand in marriage. “34 is starting to be late for a woman…”, that’s what I hear from my family and lots of other people. Today, my grandmother, who’s very outspoken and forthright, decided to take things in hand. She wants me to find a husband; she thinks that I’ve really got a problem and therefore wants to resolve it! I decided to accept and follow my grandmother’s proposition to resolve “my problem” and film the whole process questioning the Moroccan society mindset.

Producer / Production Details
Les Films de Zayna, France
Training Programme
The MENA Programme 2012