Inner Town

One day a man who lives there got $70.000 of compensation for the Vietnam war. Then he gave that money to neighbors, thousand dollars each. He’s still living there without money. Moving hotel is there, the other day night it came rain, a man who recently lost his place was sleeping on deck of a pickup truck calling hotel by himself. The owner came out and drove his truck under a shelter carefully not to disturb his guest. The village is a shantytown so-called near Young-deung-po station in Seoul. The main Character is Sang-hyun Jo 42 years old who has been here for 20 years. Jo wants to get his 6-year-old son here from Busan being raised by his sister. What kind of person does he want his son to be? How could he tell his son to live a life in this village like an island.

Producer / Production Details
Kyu Hag Song
Korea, South
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2012