In Grey Depth

The film tells the story of ‘’Al-Maghara’’ the only coal mine in Egypt that stayed alive and bravely stood throughout wartime, political transformation, and economic hardship. The mine is located in the middle of north Sinai, 70kms from ‘’Al-Arish’’. The film tells stories of the miners that used to fearlessly work hundreds of meters underground in complete darkness. These stories of the mine will be recited by (main character) Hasan Saad, the oldest miner who has been working in the mine since 1964, and other miners from each stage of the mine. It is a journey to the heart of the dark that resembles the brutality of sensory deprivation we endure through the course of life. And how do we sustain this deprivation and pressure without losing our sanity? Or do we?

Training Programme
The MENA Programme 2014