Leonardo  Cinieri Lombroso
Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso

I Record China

Chinese independent directors are not just dissidents, facing the danger of being arrested, most of them are in danger of being ignored, sharing frustration and joy of their colleagues around the globe. I RECORD CHINA depicts the history of Chinese Independent Cinema, from its birth until now, through different generations of directors: six ways to shoot and look at the world, six fragments of China today. From the internationally renowned Jia Zhangke, we will get to the new promises of Chinese Independent Cinema. Different approaches to ordinary life, similar creative impulse, while China’s dynamism doesn't hesitate to slow down and opportunity means also capitalism at its highest peak. But I RECORD CHINA is also a poetic investigation searching for an answer: what is pushing us to tell stories after all?

Team Partner
Désirée Marianini, Co-Author
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2017