Barbara Orton
Barbara Orton

I Nearly Died Laughing

Comedy is a powerful tool. It can help topple leaders. It can inspire revolutions. It can get you locked up for life.

Behind the headlines, in the midst of war or while living under extreme duress, comedians and satirists are making history and trying to change lives. In life threatening situations from Burma to Italy, from Iraq to Iceland, they know that with a simple joke they can go where others fear to tread, but at the same time they are putting their lives on the line for a laugh.

This is the story of the jokers of our time, how they hold a mirror up to our societies, and how some are trying to change the world, with a laugh.

Producer / Production Details
True TV & Film in co-production with Lichtblick Films
Supported by MEDIA
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2011