Hope Frozen

Two-year-old “Einz” became the youngest person in the world to be cryopreserved. Her head and brain now rest in a cryonic tank in Arizona. Before her death, Einz fought cancer bravely, convincing her parents she was determined to live at any cost. Her father, Sahatorn, a Buddhist and PhD laser scientist, hopes she will one day experience rebirth inside a regenerated body. Matrix is Einz’s 15-year-old brother and a whiz kid who programs circuits. The family now wants Matrix to embark on a journey to witness some of the latest science that could help chart Einz’s future. The film weaves personal footage of Einz’s life with vérité of the family after Einz’s death. It explores the technology used to preserve the human mind as well as the emotional struggle of a loving family devoted to their daughter.

Team Partner
Patrick Winn
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2016