Gerard  Benedict
Gerard Benedict

Ho Chi Minh: The Man Who Saved Vietnam

He was half-Gandhi, half-Lenin to historians. To his people he was simply "Uncle Ho" the revolutionist, humanist, but most of all, saviour of Vietnam. This 3-part docudrama series traces Ho Chi Minh's 60-year struggle for Vietnamese independence.

Based largely on now declassified documents, the story is unraveled through archival footage, interviews with renowned international historians, and re-enactment of historic moments and backstage drama, using actors in key roles, and extras.

While focusing on pivotal points in his life and career as a diplomat, revolutionary and strategist, his relentless pursuit for Vietnam's freedom and his "Confusion-style" dealings with the French and at least six US Presidents, the film sheds new light on how Vietnam's 100-year struggle for independence, is inextricably linked to the un-relinquishing resolve of the Vietnamese people to defeat forces far mightier than them.

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