Gerard  Benedict
Gerard Benedict

Ho Chi Minh: Declassified

Genre: History
Duration: 75 min, HD

He was half-Gandhi, half-Lenin to historians. To his people, he was simply “Uncle Ho”. For all his adult life, Ho Chi Minh pursued only one goal: to free and unite Vietnam. This documentary re-examines Ho Chi Minh’s 50-year struggle for Vietnamese independence. Based largely on now declassified documents, the story is told through archival footage, interviews with renowned historians, and re-enactments. The film focuses on pivotal points in Ho’s life and career as a diplomat,revolutionary and strategist. More importantly, it examines what drove him to remain steadfast and totally obsessed with Vietnam’s independence for more than 50 years. How could this pint-sized man get farmers to defeat two superpowers, just using shovels? And at what price? Was it worth the million Vietnamese lives lost in the wars? Was Ho Chi Minh good for Vietnam? This film seeks to find out.

Team Partner
Harjit Kaur, Producer, Code Computer Design, Malaysia
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2017