Robert Gokl
Robert Gokl

Hitler's James Bond

The story of Otto "Scarface" Skorzeny, the "most dangerous man in Europe".

For decades, Otto Skorzeny was one of the most notorious and most mysterious men worldwide: During the Second World War he became the most successful and most dreaded commander of the Third Reich's SS special forces and, after the war, the alleged head of the secret Nazi-network ODESSA and one of the most mythical characters of the international Nazi- and Neo-Nazi scene.

This documentary, for the very first time, sheds light on these myths and tracks down Skorzeny's true story, starting with his Viennese roots, following his adventures as "Hitler’s James Bond" and his war crime trial in Dachau and ending with the rumors about his life in Spain. The film is based on the very first and exclusive look into Skozeny's estate, the exclusive cooperation with Skorzeny's only daughter, the documents of the British and American intelligence that have only recently been opened, numerous interviews and a worldwide research for the tracks of Skorzeny's life.

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Erich Lackner, producer
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Masterschool 2002