Here Comes Uncle Joe

He is not their uncle, and his name is not Joe. But to the old ladies of An-dong, a rural community in southeastern Korea, Uncle Joe is almost the only contact they have with the modern world. As the young leave these rural areas to acquire higher education and to find high salary jobs in the cities, there are no services or people to support old people. In this situation, Uncle Joe becomes the only man for the old.

However, his road taken isn’t always happy. Because of their advanced years, Joe often encounters his old customer-friends’ misery and death. Moreover, as he reflects on his life, he faces his inner conflict and shame. In this film, we see how Uncle Joe serves these communities with humor and attention, how love and friendship are infused in life, and how he overcomes his conflicts with his friends.

Producer / Production Details
Sinae Ha / C.Interaction Lab, KAIST / Korea

A co-production with ITVS International and NHK

Premiere on August 31, 2014 at Global Voices
Top Awards/Festivals
Best A.S.D Pitch Award / Asian Side of the Doc 2011
BIPs Award / Sunny Side of the Doc 2011
SJM 2011
Best Long Documentary Award / World Mountain Documentary Festival in Qinghai
Korea, South
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2010