Mahmoud Kaabour
Mahmoud Kaabour

Handala, the Boy Without a Face

This film is a retrospective treasure hunt of a 2-D child refugee, who once inhabited over 40,000 pieces of political caricature. He was dubbed the boy with no face. Handala is his name. The alter ego of caricaturist Naji Al Ali, Handala is the Palestinian refugee that is forever 10-years old, the age his creator was rendered homeless. As a child of the Lebanese Civil War and once a refugee himself, filmmaker Mahmoud Kaabour looked up to Handala and the stories of his resilience. Handala remained on his feet as the Middle East was engulfed with wars, becoming a hero for an entire Arab generation.

In 1987 Al Ali was assassinated, but Handala has been making new appearances today.

Filmmaker Mahmoud Kaabour has embarked on an obsessive documentation of Handala’s permeation worldwide. Chasing these manifestations has unraveled fascinating stories of refuge, triumph, and brilliant artistry. From Ferguson to Gaza, by way of London and Dakar, Handala remained Palestinan at heart, but became the ambassador of many causes. His image might be destined to the fame of Kilroy or Che Guevara. This film asks the question; what is Handala trying to point our eyes at today?

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Alex Tondowski
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Tondowski Film
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Masterschool 2019