Dan Curean
Dan Curean

Gone Wild

In the labyrinth of water that makes up Romania's Danube Delta lies Europe's largest wetland, a lost paradise and home to a vast diversity of plants and animals. The most recent arrivals are the horses that over 20 years ago were released to roam free. Their struggle and difficulties are followed through the eyes of Ivan, a village boy, who has developed a powerful bond with the animals. Ironically, as the horses roam wider in search of food and shelter they are beginning to damage the local protected forests.

A controversy has erupted between environmentalists and local authorities who now want the horses to be exterminated.

Team Partner
George Bucur, producer
Producer / Production Details
Fundatia Arta in co-production with EMS Films
Top Awards/Festivals
Winner of Best Documentary Award at Astra Film Fest
Winner of Jury Prize at EcoFEst
Training Programme
Masterschool 2008