Goldschmidt's Children

Goldschmidt's Children tells the story of the Goldschmidt School and its courageous founder. Through its inception in 1935 to the day in 1939 when it was forced to close its doors, the Jewish school in Berlin is a remarkable and little known aspect of holocaust history.

The film dives into the lives of the school's key protagonists: Founder, Lenore Goldschmidt and her students. Told through firsthand accounts of surviving students and never-before seen raw footage of day-to-day life at the school, it is a portrait of an oasis in the centre of hell.

Producer / Production Details
Storyhouse in co-production with Goldenrock Pazi & Rotstein for NDR and Smithsonian Channel
Supported by FFF Bavaria
Top Awards/Festivals
Bronze Telly Award in TV Programs and Segments Documentary
Golden Eagle Cine Award in Televised Documentary & Performance Division
Training Programme
Masterschool 2010