Christoph Klotz
Christoph Klotz

The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga

We awakened him, we enraged him. We have found our own destruction. Japan, 1954.

In 1954 America exploded the first H-bomb. A Japanese fishing boat, the Lucky Dragon, was exposed to the radiation. Days later, the fish was sold in the markets of Tokyo. The crew died soon afterwards. This true story inspired the creation of the most enduring cinematic monster of all time – Godzilla. When director Ishiro Honda made the original Godzilla movie in 1954, he wanted to warn the world about the atomic threat, yet he created an icon that would spawn 30 movies and bring 100 million people to the box office. What started as a Japanese drama became a story of universal interest.

Why is the Godzilla franchise so successful? Why is he still alive and set to return once again?

Team Partner
Jonathan Bellés, director
Beatriz Heredia, producer
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Christoph Klotz Production
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Amazon Prime (US)
14º Festival Internacional de Cine Alicante (2020)
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Masterschool 2014