Viktoria  Szabo
Viktoria Szabo

Generation War

From poverty to conflict, natural disasters to disease, too many children start their lives in desperate circumstances. Last year, more than 16 million babies were born in conflict and catastrophe zones. That’s 1 in 8 of all births in 2015 alone. Generation War is a new series by acclaimed filmmakers Eszter Cseke and Andras Takacs that looks beyond the statistics to capture intimate stories on the ground, up close and personal. From the conflict in Gaza and the refugee crisis in Syria to the typhoon hit Philippines the series delves into the lives of mothers and their families struggling to survive the horrors of war and natural disasters. By respecting and adhering to strict cultural customs, the filmmakers gained rare and exclusive access to the most religious and conservative communities.

Team Partner
Eszter Cseke, Director/Producer
Andras Takacs, Director/Producer
Spot Productions
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2017