Liz de Planta
Liz de Planta

Gardens in the Sky

The world's urban areas have become crisis zones and nowhere more so than in the concrete jungle of New York City. The film explores the modern day characters who inhabit the little known hideaways above the claustrophobic grind of this metropolis.

From the micro-cosmos of individuals to the macro-cosmos of the environment at large, the film uncovers a stunning panorama, never seen before in an urban cityscape. From window-less tenements divided by dark canyons, to the canopy and look-outs of the rooftops, the film explores the conflict and interests between citizens and the city's authorities.

By following an eclectic cast of characters, the film asks: Has the modern-day New Yorker found a way to survive in the urban jungle or are the Hanging Gardens of Manhattan merely a pipe dream?

Team Partner
Leonie Gordon, producer
Producer / Production Details
Ripple Effect
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2001