Herbert Ostwald
Herbert Ostwald

Garden of the Gods

Nothing has had a stronger and more lasting influence on European ideology than ancient Greek mythology. The aura surrounding magnificent temples and other sites of worship is charged with tales blending epic poetry with religion, literature and historical events. Without a doubt, the writers of these tales drew their inspiration from the abundant nature of Greece, for the flora and fauna of Greece ranks among the most diverse in Europe. So it is hardly by coincidence that human imagination flourished in the "Garden of the Gods."

In this magical journey, the film reveals the roots of mythology in the recent nature of Greece, the Ancient Empire and residence of the Gods.

Team Partner
Michael Schlamberger, producer
Producer / Production Details
ScienceVision in co-production with ORF, in association with Off the Fence and WDR
Supported by MEDIA
Top Awards/Festivals
Best Director Award at Matsalu Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival (2005)
Special Mention at Kendal Mountain Film Festival (2005)
Honorable Mention for Creative Storytelling at International Wildlife Film Festival Montana (2005)
Special Award at International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area (2006)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2002