Juri Mazumdar
Juri Mazumdar

Being Gaddafi

Seven years after the Libyan revolution, Afaf El Gaddafi, a woman in Munich (Germany), cousin of Muammar El Gaddafi, still wonders why her two baby daughters had to pay for what former ruler Muammar El Gaddafi did – just because they shared his name.

In August 2011, NATO starts air raids over Benghazi and Tripoli. In September, Afaf is heavily wounded in an airstrike. Her two daughters get killed, as well as her mother and sister. She and her 4-year-old son are the only surviving members of her family.

This documentary tries to approach the myth and personality of one of the world’s most eccentric dictators, seen through the eyes of his relative, an extraordinarily charismatic woman living a very ordinary life in suburban Munich. But the past keeps haunting her in dreams, news and phone calls. Even if she was able to return to the war-ridden country, would Libya ever be her home again?

Team Partner
Alexander Jelic
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Juri & Aki Films GmbH
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Masterschool 2019