FTS: Monster Woo

Kim Young Woo, aka Monster Woo, is the first and best Korean krumper. He and his crew Monster Woo Family battle their way to the top and earn the respect and admiration of street dancers worldwide. However, Young Woo’s mandatory military service stirs up painful memories of his five-year stint in the infamous juvenile prison system known as the California Youth Authority. “FTS: Monster Woo” reveals Young Woo’s global migration from South Korea to America and then back again. His struggle to survive, prison experience, unfair deportation, and transformation into Monster Woo are investigated, recreated, and reenacted through archival footage, in-depth interviews, and original music and dance specially choreographed for the film. 2013 marks the end of his military service and the first time he will be free from any system in nearly 20 years. "FTS: Monster Woo" also documents the beginning of his new life as a free man.

Producer / Production Details
Yeonah Paik / GongBang Productions / South Korea
Korea, South
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2012