Karin  Wegsjö
Karin Wegsjö

My Four Chinese Friends

Is it a right to decide your own life? This is a film about the question of freedom and dependence, through my four Chinese friends who live through the pain and possibility of being there in the middle. It is also about my relationship with them and my journey of trying to understand the Chinese society – and it’s an unexpected change of perspective. The results of the one child policy have created a situation where there has never, in the history of China, been so many highly educated women having good careers and opportunities to live independently. Neither has there been such a surplus of unmarried men. The pressure for women to start families and settle down is huge, both from their families and the state. We meet Ting, Wei Tingting, Amber and Jingya who deal with this situation in four different ways.

Team Partner
Fredrik Lange, Producer
Production companies: Vilda Bomben Film, Karin Wegsjö Produktion, Storyfarm (Sweden)
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2018