Gülsel Özkan
Gülsel Özkan

Foreign Homeland

Foreign Homeland examines multicultural society in the Oranienstreet in Kreuzberg, Berlin, the most multicultural place in Germany, by portraying six people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The film starts from parallel worlds existing at the same time in the same place but not interacting with one another under normal circumstances. Then the film shifts to open and covert transitions in between these worlds, creating a feeling of what multicultural society means. In those differences, new identities are created. The characters range from the Nigerian Samuel, the erotic dream of white female negrophiles, to 75 year old German-born Else, still ruing over a failed attempt to help a Jewish family in the Second World War, to Ipek, a Muslim Lesbian.

Team Partner
Ludger Pfanz, producer
Producer / Production Details
Planet Film and TV
Training Programme
Masterschool 2001