Forbidden Fruit

FORBIDDEN FRUIT is a mockumentary about pigs living in the heart of Islamabad. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan which literally means “City of Islam”. FORBIDDEN FRUIT aims to tell the story about the incongruous existence of the pigs living in Islamabad.

The characters of the mockumentary are: a matriarch sow, head of her family of curious piglets; a wandering hog, infamous throughout the Margalla forests of Islamabad; a wild life expert who is a devout Muslim, chain smoking, flip-flop wearing poetry aficionado; a Christian “lightening Jaeger” specializing in hunting wild boar as well as being a bootlegger.

FORBIDDEN FRUIT utilizes pig as a symbol of Universal Minority using juxtaposition to create a humorous social commentary of how we treat the “Other”. Utilizing examples from history, literature, religion and media, Forbidden Fruit is a tongue-in-cheek take on the age-old human affliction – Xenophobia.

Team Partner
Aftab Abbasi, director
Training Programme
Masterschool 2021