Family Love

Love has two types. Love that lasts forever and temporary love. The first type of love is known as family love. It does not disappear with divorce or fade over time. In search of the secret behind true love, the documentary highlights sexual imprinting: how our family and environment determines the choice of our partner. The documentary shows why many men subconsciously look for women who resemble their mother and women subconsciously seek men who resemble their father. And why 1 out of 7 marriages are between first and second cousins. To fully understand sexual imprinting we must begin to admit that we are attracted to our father or mother or other family members like brothers and sisters. Only then will one go looking for a partner who resembles a family member. Therefore, the theme of incest must first be discussed. For the first time a documentary breaks down the taboo surrounding incest and reveals the link between incest and true love.

Training Programme
Masterschool 2015