Ecopolis China

The Finnish engineer and writer Eero Paloheimo is dreaming of a new Silicon Valley, with space for 20,000 people and 10 "innovation centers" focused on developing clean technology and an ecological way of living. He has been trying to push his plan through in Europe for 10 years, but bureaucracy has always gotten in the way. Paloheimo feels that democracy responds too slowly to solve the crisis facing the world. Now, he has come to believe China might well have a pioneering role in securing the future of mankind. Paloheimo's plans overlap with those of multimillionaire Zhang Yue. He was the first Chinese person to own a private jet, but he has since adjusted his outlook and disposed of the plane. Zhang's life revolves around sustainability, because, as he explains, it makes him feel happy and free. He is convinced that a better world will start not with ordinary people, but with the rich. And Zhang thinks big – really big. His dream city is the tallest and quickest-built mega-building, incorporating indoor farms for 20,000 people. And deep within this gigantic construction, people will be able to enjoy artificial sunlight.

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Crossing Borders 2011