Anne Bürger
Anne Bürger

Dressed to Kill

Nowadays "dressing to kill" is becoming more and more literal in its meaning. The ways our clothes are produced and consumed reach an insane tipping point. But what will never change: people need to wear something. And for most of us it is very important to also look good in it.

With the help of renowned fashion blogger Susie Bubble, the TV series will check out our wardrobes and follow the tracks of a new era of sustainable fashion. Within six 52mins episodes Susie looks for green designers and real solutions for manufacturing garments. Such as the use of innovative fabrics, clever recycling and closed loop systems. Not to mention the whole world of upcycling or sharing and leasing, vintage re-use or the support of handcrafted skills and fair trade business.

While also asking inconvenient questions, Susie shows us that taking responsibility for what we wear can be a colourful and very fashionable world. With this film the audience finds out how to maintain this important movement and that we can still look great without ignoring neither the social nor the environmental background.

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Anke Petersen, producer
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Jyoti Film
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Masterschool 2014