Nils Bökamp
Nils Bökamp

Dream Factory Kabul

Saba Sahar has been a policewoman for 18 years in Kabul. But she is also an actress, director and producer. As a representative of the state executive, but also a filmmaker, the central theme of her work is the everyday violence against Afghan women.

In this film Sebastian Heidinger portrays a protagonist who is surprising in many ways: Saba stands up for her cause with impressive matter-of-factness, even though in doing so she openly contradicts Afghan family law. Saba's great strength is her unshakeable passion for her shattered country. In a place where women's rights are trampled underfoot she uses film as a weapon for hitting back.

The film takes an unusual look at a setting that is a reliable guarantee for sad news. In its encounters with Saba but also in entertaining clips from her work, this documentary gives encouragement with its refreshingly different approach. One of her films shows a superheroine rescuing a woman from the clutches of her male adversary, using martial arts techniques.

Saba is no superheroine in real life – but she is a heroine who gives hope.

Team Partner
Sebastian Heidinger, director
Producer / Production Details
Boekamp & Kriegsheim in co-production with ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Supported by Filmstiftung NRW, BKM, Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film
Top Awards/Festivals
Augsburg Filmtage
Verzio Int. Human Rights D.F.F.
Training Programme
Masterschool 2008