Dream Away

Sharm El Sheikh is a paradise for both tourists and Egyptians. They flock to the resort city searching for real-life fantasy. Tourists are in search of beaches and night life, while notably young Egyptians are desperately in need for work or simply attracted by the different cultural influences of the place. This generation of young Egyptians is in conflict with western culture - some read it as the independence they dreamt of, while for others it exceeds their moral standards. The film will follow a tourist group in their activities during one day, directing the viewer through different sites in Sharm El Sheikh and thereby the characters of the film. At a time when revolutionary Egypt remains a keen interest of the world, “Dream Away” paints a portrait of these young people’s existential quest, who never get tired of dreaming wild, whereas their scope in life is tainted by reality.

Training Programme
The MENA Programme 2014