Anne-Marie  Holl
Anne-Marie Holl


As a first-of-its-kind, the social media experiment #dontfollowus shows the real world of five young people in our times – as colorful, dirty, funny, complicated, miraculous and complex as it is. Our heroes are a homeless person, a squatter, a dumpster diver, a drag queen, and a gopnik. They post stories daily, shaping their life’s inconveniences into the well-known Instagram format: cooking shows, where the food comes out of a trashcan, "what's in my bag", shelter hunting, "follow me to" the squatted house, behind the curtains of a drag queen show, the REAL street fashion modeling....

The series questions the widely accepted values of the ever-growing middle class. Love, family, friendship, career, meaning, happiness – what do they mean for today’s generation?

Team Partner
Zlatina Teneva, director
Producer / Production Details
Yellow Table Media
Training Programme
Masterschool 2020