Denied Comfort: In Search of Their Place in History

In 1992, efforts were made by two public officials in bringing light to the existence of Malaysian comfort women during the Japanese Occupation. Both efforts were abruptly stopped despite victims coming forward in sought of acknowledge and due justice. Today in 2012, these letters and reports remain out of public knowledge and the nation’s victims from the system is left undocumented. Not given a chance to come out in the open gives the false impression that there were no comfort women that was forcibly abducted and forced into service in our country’s history. The film journeys in paralel with the writer’s grandmother’s personal account of the Japanese Occupation and why women of her generation fear the Japanese till today. The writer hopes to understand and heal their fears by understanding the terror and questioning her country lacklustre effort to fight for our women who were victims of this cruel and injustice system.

Producer / Production Details
Beatrice Leong and Lim Benji / BYRDS Studio / Malaysia
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2012