Sinisa Juricic
Sinisa Juricic

Dead Man Walking

During the wars that tore apart former Yugoslavia some 300,000 people were declared dead or still missing. This is a story about one of them.

In April 1992, Himzo Muratovic escaped from his village Motovo in Eastern Bosnia, just a few days before the village was destroyed by enemy forces. His family lost every contact with him and declared him dead. In the village a monument was erected to commemorate the people who lost their lives in the war and Himzo's name was on it. His brother named his son after Himzo to keep a memory of the missing brother. Himzo became a war hero.

12 years later, in September 2004 Himzo Muratovic came back from the dead. Now his name is deleted from the monument. People start asking questions: Where was he, what was he doing, who saved him?

This film tells the mystery of Himzo's 12 war years and in "Rashomon" style talks about the war and consequences of the war on the people that survived.

For many people Himzo Muratovic is not a hero anymore.

Team Partner
Petar Oreskovic, director
Producer / Production Details
Nukleus Film in association with SVT, TV Ontario, YLE
Supported by IDFA Bertha Fund (formerly known as Jan Vrijman Fund) and HAVC
Top Awards/Festivals
Sarajevo Film Festival

Brodacast on SVT, YLE, TVO
Training Programme
Masterschool 2005