Damned 13

Investigation into the present day power of the unlucky number and the weirdness of irrationality.

Over the course of three weeks, the film uncovers the myth and impacts of the number 13. Two people whose lives are controlled by 13: A man who believes that the ominous number affects world order and a therapist, who treats the 13-related anxiety as a phobia. Key events ranging from the Last Supper to the explosion onboard Apollo 13. Surprising facts and anecdotes presented by Dr. 13, and, not least, a modern society that obeys its special power.

By means of humor and artistic cliches from horror movies, the film shows how the unlucky number has become a part of contemporary America with absurd personal, social and economic manifestations.

Team Partner
Claus Ladegaard, producer
Producer / Production Details
Easy Film
Training Programme
Masterschool 2003