Ndrangheta. Tragedy on Stage

With its unlimited financial resources, the Italian mafia ‘Ndrangheta controls a large part of the European cocaine market, it forges close bonds with the financial world and the politics and it uses these relationships to strengthen its power, to launder money and to dictate its criminal agenda at the expense of the legal economy of entire countries. The Netherlands is a strategic crossroad for these activities, but the country is culturally unprepared and substantially unaware of the issue, which makes it easier for the ‘Ndrangheta to run its dirty business. The film is a confidential oral tale based on the experience of cooperating witnesses, investigators and insiders; whereas the camera frames the cityscape, namely the playground where a superior and invisible force rules the game of unconscious pawns. Crimine is the first episode of a series of short documentaries which discloses uncharted issues, shared throughout the personal and intimate experience of people. Venice and London will be in the focus of two parts to follow this episode - investigating the industry of cruise shipping tourism in one and the organization of money laundering in the other city.

Team Partner
Kristin Nordsaether, Producer
Training Programme
Masterschool 2019