Piers Sanderson
Piers Sanderson

Crime 419

Look in your inbox or junk mail folder and more than likely you have got an email offering to share a large inheritance with you. Perhaps you have been told you have won the lottery, but you have not even bought a ticket. You know that these are scams, right? So why are millions of these emails still sent out each day?

With the help of scam victims, private detectives and Internet vigilantes, Piers Sanderson tries to learn through these characters why we still fall for these crimes and who is behind them? These mails are the tip of a fraudulent iceberg that director Piers Sanderson attempts to uncover in a journey from his inbox to the email scammers' worlds of violence, corruption and murder. In chasing down the trail of a seemingly simple Internet fraud, he explores the human desire to live and prosper and tries to define where survival ends and greed begins.

Team Partner
Anna Higgs, producer
Gavin Humphries, producer
Producer / Production Details
Horsesmouth Productions
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2010