Craig Barfoot's Modern Dilemmas: Meat vs Veg

In each episode of this series, Craig tackles what is keeping him awake at night: this time, in this pilot episode, he faces his dilemma of, can and should he go back to being a meat eater (tempted by his long lost love of roast lamb) and if so, can he slaughter an animal in order to do so? He speaks to farmers, doctors, nutritionists, biologists and philosophers to answer the important questions about meat-eating like, are we designed to eat meat? Is vegetarianism healthy for everyone? Do animals think? Is meat-eating sustainable for 21st century humankind? And is there really a good reason to kill animals for food? Craig is taught how to correctly slaughter an animal, and at the end of the film he will himself have to answer one final key question. Can he kill this lamb he has followed from birth?

During this time Craig will speak to the world's leading experts - biologists, nutritional experts, animal intelligence psychologists and philosophers. All offering their insight into the necessity and ethics of killing the animal. And we will also follow Craig as he learns from experts how to correctly slaughter an animal himself. So at the end Craig will have to decide, based on all of the information... Will he kill and eat an animal?

Team Partner
Craig Barfoot
Training Programme
Masterschool 2015