Conflict Tiger

A documentary thriller that explores the increasingly confrontational relations between people and tigers in the forests of Russia's Far Eastern wilderness: The Siberian tiger, a secretive and elusive carnivore, and a notoriously skilled hunter. People, too, are hunting to survive in the wilderness. Man and cat have become predators in the same territory and confrontations are on the rise.

The film's central character is a professional tigerhunter called Yuri Trush, a man paid by the authorities to track down and eliminate "conflict tigers," tigers that have lost their fear of man. The film takes Yuri's most notorious pursuit of a double man-eating tiger as the basis for its dramatic narrative. The drama is realized using a combination of reconstruction and actual footage shot by Yuri himself as events unfolded.

Conflict Tiger challenges the illusions of traditional "big cat" natural history by setting the animal's precarious situation against the pressing needs of human survival.

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Producer / Production Details
Sasha Snow Film in co-production with BBC, ARTE, Discovery
With assistance of TIGRIS Foundation and Phoenix Fund Russia
Supported by Sanderson Art in Industry Trust
Top Awards/Festivals
Grand Prize at Banff Mountain Film Festival (2006)
Grand Prize Cervino at International Film Festival (2006)
Grand Prize at Citta di Trento Trento Film Festival (2006)
Grand Prize at EcoVision Film Festival (2006)
Grand Prize at Cineeco Film Festival (2006)
Grand Prize at Torello Film Festival (2006)
Best Environmental Filmmaker of the Decade Award at Green Planet Movie Awards (2010)
Best International Environmental Film of the Decade Award at Green Planet Movie Awards (2010)
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2003