Confessions of a Tranny

"Confessions of a Tranny" will follow four transgendered Asian women in various stages of their lives as they search for love, sex, marriage, and meaning to their world. From the Bukit Bintang area of Kuala Lumpur to their homeland in the Philippines or Thailand, we’ll follow our subjects on their journey from life with their families and friends to various red light districts as they try to make a living while searching for something more. One waits for gender reassignment; another plans her marriage in the coming year. The third makes her living having sex with random men while the fourth tries to discover her own sexuality and come to terms with who she is as a person. Interviews with each woman will reveal the depth of their childhood pain, possible parental and family abuse and other dysfunctional types of relationships in their lives. Are they accepted and loved or are they ostracized by their families and society? What do they see in their future? Marriage, family, children?

Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2013